Honq Mobile Desk

Honq Mobile Desk

Types and sizes

Top 2 x 100 x 70 cm

Deskscreen 43 x 102 x 46 cm

Height adjustment by gas spring 75 - 116 cm


Materials and onlay

Table top
Material: melamine
Standard colors: white, black and oak milano
Special features: inclination (-7°/ 0°/ +83°)

Standard colors: white RAL 9016 and black RAL 9011
Special features: gas spring height adjustment, foot control and castors

Material: Petfelt
Standard colors: light gray, concrete gray and graphite gray
Special features: rotatable

The mobile adjustable desk for the flexible work environment
The mobile sit-stand desk is height-adjustable by a gas spring with foot control so that any height can be easily adjusted. Together with the tilting table top this allows working ergonomically standing as well as sitting.

The Honq© works at home and in the office!
The Honq© can easily be rolled to any location so everywhere an adjustable work space can be created. An ergonomic home workplace that does not take up any space in your house or office.

Working together on your ‘own’ spot
Honq© is a small flexible workplace. By placing the tables together in a group a meeting setup is created with each person having his own individual table. The space between the tables is determined by the participants. The tables that are not used remain folded up and pushed together.

Blended Office Furniture