About Cowerk

About Cowerk

Cowerk is a collective. A collection of spatial designers that complement each other, strengthen. Cowerk sails his own course. Cowerk remains himself, that is reflected in the products. What you see is what you get The products are challenging. Try them. Nobody stops you. The furniture are pieces. Use them at your convenience.

Cowerk produces all products for and around the workplace. Although the workplace is of course what you make of it yourself. The products form a family. Together a complete collection. The best work is working together: Coworkers.

At Cowerk we believe that an inspiring workplace is inspiring. And that inspiration is needed on every work, at every workplace.
Cowerk makes products that are not autonomous in themselves, but with which a unique identity can be created. With healthy self-reflection, relativating and serious where necessary.

Because tomorrow everything is different …


The best work is working together: Coworkers

Cowerk presents itself as a collective that
innovating via various dealers
no-nonsense products with exclusive
The Cowork spirit originates from the
cross-fertilization of the various
personalities that are all around
Cowerk employed.
Cowerk. With a coffee stain …