Amsterdam Courthouse

project Amsterdam Courthouse

Project: Amsterdam Courthouse

Workplaces and courtroom furniture
The workplaces in the courtrooms have been specially designed and developed in collaboration with. KAAN Architects. The layout is flexible so that all process parties in the room can do their job. The workplaces are sit-stand desks where the frame/skirt goes along with the table top.

COwerk NACH 32_Courthouse Amsterdam ©Fernando Guerra FG+SG
COwerk NACH 35_Courthouse Amsterdam ©Fernando Guerra FG+SG
COwerk NACH 40_Courthouse Amsterdam ©Fernando Guerra FG+SG
COwerk NACH 44_Courthouse Amsterdam ©Fernando Guerra FG+SG

Amsterdam Courthouse was realized by the consortium NACH consisting of: Macquarie Capital, ABT, DVP, KAAN Architecten, Heijmans and Facilicom

Fotocredits: Fernando Guerra