Types and sizes

ManStand 0441 010 180 x 140cm

ManStand 0441 015 180x160cm

ManStand 0441 020 280 x 160cm

ManStand 0441 040 320 x 160cm

ManStand 0441 050 360 x 160cm

ManStand 0441 060 360x160cm

ManStand 0441 070 440 x 160cm

ManStand 0441 080 660 x 160cm

Materials and onlay

Table top
L-shape table top with rounded corners
Material: melamine veneer
Colours: white / silver grey / black / vicenza oak / pacific walnut tobacco

H-frame base
Electrically adjustable in height (range 65-130 cm)
Onlay: powder-coated steel with light structure
Colours: white / black

Cable tray and cover plate
Colours: white / black

The ManStand is a special teamtable and desk consisting of two parts that are independently height adjustable. It is a modern desk for meetings or is a conference table where one can also work. The ManStand is multifunctional and practical. One side can be used as a desk and the other as a conference table. Another possibility is that one part is set higher so that if a consultation takes place with a small group of people, you don’t have the feeling of sitting (or standing) at a table that is much too large. Speak Height-Adjustable table is a dynamic team table. The Speak Height-Adjustable table is also available as a single desk.

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