Omo Office Phone Booth

Omo Office Phone Booth

Types and sizes

Phone Booth Circulair w. 120 x d. 120 x h. 230 cm

Phone Booth Circulair with glass door

Phone Booth Melamine

Phone Booth Melamine, glass door and rear wall

Meeting Box Circulair 2p w. 236 x d. 175 x h. 230 cm

Meeting Box 2p Melamine

Meeting Box Circulair 4p w. 236 x d. 230 x h. 230 cm

Meeting Box 4p Melamine - glass rear panel

Materials and onlay

The OMO is available in a sustainable Ecoplex version and a standard melamine version. The inner walls and ceiling are covered with PET Felt. For extra sound absorption, a labyrinth of PET Felt slats has been made in the ceiling construction. Inside, the OMO© is equipped with a worktop. This is easy to mount with screws at sitting or standing height.

- Assembly time at (re)location maximum one hour
- Adjustable ventilation level by 3-stage switch
- Sound-absorbing walls and ceiling for acoustic well-being
- 230V socket with USB port
- LED lighting with sensor for switching on and off
- Available in 1, 2 and 4 person
- Simple design possible with your own visual

Own identity
The back of the OMO offers space for an acoustic panel that can be printed with your own image or logo. In this way, the phone booth not only becomes a place to concentrate, but also a carrier of the company's identity.

OMO – ON MY OWN – A soundproof phone booth for calls, virtual meetings and focused work without being disturbed. Whether this is alone in a phone box or with several in the meeting box.

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