Types and sizes

GreenFocus 0281 000 Diameter of 210cm

GreenFocus 0281 010 6x top depth 8ocm

GreenFocus 0281 020 6x top depth 8ocm

GreenFocus 0281 020 6x top large, depth 8ocm

GreenFocus 0281 030 8x top depth 8ocm

GreenFocus 0281 040 11x top depth 8ocm

Materials and onlay

Material: melamine (thickness 22 mm)
Colours: white / silver grey / black / vicenza oak / pacific walnut tobacco

Material: steel - powder coated with light structure
Colours: white / black

Height adjustment
The GreenFocus is electrically adjustable in height, adjustment range: 65 - 130 cm
Control panel: up-down, up-down with display or up-down with display and 4 memory positions

Acoustic screens and cable management channel between the workstations are optional.

GreenFocus are individual sit stand desks which are positioned in a circle with plants as center-piece. The setup can be with or without screens. For example, the screens are very pleasant if the GreenFocus is used as a call center. The screens provide noise reduction and more focus. Fewer distractions allow employees to work more effectively with less effort. And the green working environment also has a positive influence on people’s happiness and well-being.
GreenFocus is together in a circle with a central focus on lush greenery.

work without distraction