FreeFlow Conference Table

FreeFlow Conference Table

Types and sizes

FreeFlow 0402 040 328 x 169cm

FreeFlow 0402 010 447 x 169cm

FreeFlow 0402 030 419 x 169cm

FreeFlow 0402 070 522 x 169cm

FreeFlow 0402 080 517 x 169cm

FreeFlow 0402 090 593 x 169cm

FreeFlow 0402 050 562 x 169cm

FreeFlow 0402 060 608 x 169cm

Materials and onlay

Material: melamine (thickness 18 mm)
Colours: white / silver grey / black / vicenza oak / pacific walnut tobacco

Material: steel - powder coated with light structure
Colours: white / light grey / aluminum / black

Height adjustment
The FreeFlow is electrically adjustable in height, adjustment range: 65 - 130 cm
Control panel: up-down, up-down with display or up-down with display and 4 memory positions

Acoustic screens and cable management channel between the workstations is optional.

One activity flows into another, from a short spontaneous meeting to a phone call or focused work on the desktop. Working in a team at a table that facilitates collaboration and allows for individual elaboration. The tops of the FreeFlow merge smoothly into each other and can be raised and lowered independently without the table seeming to fall apart into separate elements. Like the team, the table remains connected.

The playful nature of the FreeFlow, the use of various colors of tops with the same intensity, and the rounded design ensure that the FreeFlow seems to mold itself to its surroundings and to the various activities of a team. FreeFlow team table is part of the Blended Office Collection.

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