FreeFence Mobile Partition

FreeFence Mobile Partition

Types and sizes

FreeFence planters b. 129 x d. 54 x h. 193 cm

FreeFence TV box b. 129 x d. 54 x h. 193 cm

FreeFence whiteboard b. 129 x d. 54 x h. 193 cm

FreeFence scrumboard b. 129 x d. 54 x h. 193 cm

Materials and onlay

Material: steel tube profiles 30 x 30 mm,
Colour: graphite black (RAL 9011) or light gray (RAL 7035)

Shelves + boxes
Material: melamine, chipwood
Colour: white (similar to RAL 9010) / black (similar to RAL 9011) / milano oak (Pfleiderer R20095) / tobacco pacific walnut (Egger H3702 ST10) or chipwood lacquered.

Acoustic boxes
Material: Pet felt
Colours: anthracite grey

The freedom of space and interpretation
The need determines the content and the location of the FreeFence©. Space is created by placing several FreeFences© next to each other. The resulting space can be made even more interesting by placing different FreeFences© according to need and functionality. The FreeFence© moves in on request, for example if a screen is needed for an online meeting. If the screen is no longer needed, the FreeFence© can be turned over or the screen can be covered with a whiteboard or one of the other FreeFence© panels.

FreeFence is the mobile partition for activities with an emphasis on collaboration and communication. The mobile green wall for the office.