Crate Benches + Picnic Table

Crate Benches + Picnic Table

Types and sizes

Model A + B A: l. 200 x d. 120 x h. 75 cm
A: l. 200 x d. 146 x h. 75 cm
B: l. 223 x d. 120 x h.75 cm
B: l. 223 x d. 146 x h.75 cm

Model C l. 290 x d. 76 x h. 75 cm

Model D A. l. 288 x d. 120 x h.134 cm
B. l. 288 x d. 144 x h.134 cm

Dug-Out A. l. 160 x d. 144 x h. 198 cm
B. l. 160 x d. 210 x h. 198 cm

Materials and onlay

Crate is standard in untreated larch (for both indoor and outdoor use) and can be transparently stained or treated with linseed oil.

The wood will age over time.

Crate was originally a temporary city furniture design, made for festivals, but it has evolved into a fully-fledged product range. The pieces configure to provide many different ways of sitting and standing. Whether it’s chatting with co-students or brainstorming with costumers or relaxing with colleagues, Crate is the perfect place to hang-out.  Crate has 5 models, all with different characteristics and dimensions.

For inside and outside use