Hock Seating Booth

Hock Seating Booth

Types and sizes

Hock One
w. 1100 x d. 800 x h. 1700mm

Hock Two
w. 1980 x d. 800 x h. 1700mm

Hock One Low
w. 1100 x d. 800x h. 1200mm

Hock Two Low
w. 1980 x d. 800 x h. 1200mm

Materials and onlay

The body of Hock is made of Finnish birch plywood with a standard white laminate.
Hock can also be made entirely of birch plywood with a clear varnish.
There are various options to customize Hock.
The inside of the body can be fitted with felt.
The longitudinal side of the body can be provided with a print on one or both sides.
There are also loose cushions for seat and back available.

Hock seating booth is a private workplace in a open space.
A small landing workstation that can be placed anywhere in the “semi” public space. Just work privately, send an email or call someone.